What makes it different from other countries? When asked, we Mongolians will unanimously say that we are the only nomadic people in the world.

Over a long period of history, there were many nomadic ethnic groups and peoples who created the nomadic civilization of Central Asia. is.

For Mongolians, nomadism means that a herdsman worships the benefit of his animals and lives following the rhythm of his animals. An independent style of civilization based on three closed rings of people, animals and nature, in which animals follow the rhythm of nature and feed on it, keep their industrial characteristics and reproduce, nature preserves its original appearance thanks to migration, and creates the conditions for the sustainable existence of this style of civilization style too. If one of the three fundamental elements that make up this ring changes its basic shape, nomadic citizenship cannot survive.

Therefore, if you, a Mongolian who is a settled culture, love and respect our mother nature, my nomadic people will survive for many years.