Meet Mining

Meet Mining


The 2nd International Mining Business Forum and Tour Series 2019/IMBFTS 2019/ goal is to provide the Mongolian perfect mining platform where senior executives, bigger investors, applicable providers, high-tech transmitters, project owners, professionals and industry leaders come together to gain critical mining industry intelligence, network, to give comprehensive understanding about Mongolian mining sector and do mutually beneficially cooperation. Meanwhile, you will travel in beautiful Mongolian nature and introduce with traditional nomadic life style and customs.

MME events – We inspire with smart ideas and transform cooperation with our events.

Top 6 Benefits of Attending:

• Comprehensive understanding. You’ll learn how to work strategically, develop solutions that meet the Mongolian    

   mining company’s current challenges, engage with clients and effectively communicate with Mongolian customer

   base to grow your business.

• Get the inside look. You’ll realize Mongolian companies use technology, increase usability and leverage design for

   bottom-line growth—and how your company can do the same.

• Improve collaboration and workflow.  You’ll attend forum on usability, technology, brand building, merchandising,  

   search and more.

• Discover. You’ll uncover the new potential Mongolian partners that will benefit your company and drive your online

   strategy forward. IMBFTS 2019 features attending companies in nearly every category available – including mining

   exploration, processing, contracting, supplying, fulfillment, Mongolian mining industry’s integrated platforms and 

   new high-tech technology, plus more.

• Networking. IMBFTS 2019 is the biggest gathering of Mongolian mining industry professionals. You will meet thou

   sands of your peers who are also passionate about the business of mining industry. In every business meeting, every

   bigger site visiting and in every conversation, you’ll be collecting new ideas for working smarter—ideas you’ll bring

   back to the office the very next day.

• Do travel, got bright business ideas. You will travel around the amazing Mongolian Gobi. You will visit the world wide

   familiar mining sites in Mongolian Gobi. 

Jump start your visit to IMBFTS 2019:

Do you want to maximize your time and navigate the floor like a pro at IMBFTS 2019 ?

By completing this short survey, you will be emailed a “Jump Start Guide” addressing your most immediate priorities before the conference. This complimentary guide will include:

• Topic overview and industry trends

• Types of product, technologies and services to visit on the exhibit hall floor at IMBFTS 2019

• Business face-to-face meeting you should attend to learn more about the topic

• Best practice checklist and key questions to ask providers

• Choice of your interested local sites such as OT/copper & gold site/, Energy resource/coal site/, Tavan tolgoi/coal

   site/ and etc.,

Preliminary for IMBFTS 2019

As for Investors:

• Advance email “Jump start guide“ to MME, attending purpose, looking what kind of project, what size of project, etc.,

• MME advance find and introduce the projects to Investor according to his/her Jump start guide

• MME evaluate the investment projects and send back to Investor. If required, will appoint the meeting with potential  


As for Supplier and Service providers:

• Supplier express request about own product and service to MME

• MME searching and defining the potential partners and provide the result such as potential company list, introdution, some statistical data and etc.,

• Supplier choose the targeted company and appoint the meeting through MME.

As for state education institute and non-governmental organizations:

• Representative express request, what similar organizations in Mongolia to MME

• MME searching and defining the potential and similar organizations and provide the applicable information.

• Representatives choose the organizations from the list and resend to MME 

• MME appoint the meeting and notify to both side before event.


DATE HIGHLIGHTS Time Activities Location
Day 1       18:00-20:00 Arrival in UB, Mongolia Accommodation Dinner Chinggis Khaan International airport Ulaanbaatar Hotel Ulaanbaatar Hotel
Day 2     BUSINESS FORUM 08:00-09:00 09:00-11:00 11:00-11:30 11:30-13:00 13:00-14:00 14:00-16:00 16:00-16:30 16:30-18:00 18:00-19:00 Breakfast Business forum Coffee break/networking/ Business forum Lunch/networking/ Business face-to-face meeting Coffee break/networking/ Business face-to-face meeting Dinner/business/       Ulaanbaatar Hotel
Day 3                   SITE TRAVEL 05:00-06:00 06:00-07:30 08:30-12:30   12:30-13:30 14:30-17:30 18:00-19:30 Breakfast Fly to Dalanzadgad, South Gobi Drive to Valture Valley Vulture Valley Picnic lunch Khongor Sand Dune Countryside – Dinner Ulaanbaatar Hotel Chinggis Khaan International airport Dalanzadgad,Tourist camp – 1       Tourist camp -2
Day 4 07:00-08:00 09:00-12:00       12:30-13:30 14:00-16:00   16:00-17:00 18:00-19:00 Breakfast Erdenes Tawan tolgoi coal site On site business meeting Energy resource coal site On site business meeting Picnic lunch Tawan Tolgoi coal site On site business meeting Drive to Tsogttsetsii soum Countryside – Dinner Tourist camp -3 Erdenes tavantolgoi site               Tourist camp -3
Day 5 07:00-08:00 09:00-12:00   12:00-13:00 13:00-16:00   17:00-18:00 Breakfast OT copper, coal & gold open site On site business meeting Picnic lunch OT underground site On site business meeting Countryside – Dinner Tourist camp -3 OT site   OT site     Tourist camp -3
Day 6     CITY TOUR & SHOPPING 07:00-08:00 10:00-11:30 12:30-13:30 14:30-15:30   15:30-17:30   18:00-20:00 Breakfast Fly back to UB Lunch Ministerial level and bigger companies visiting  City tour and shopping   FAREWELL  – Dinner/Entertainment/ Tourist camp -3 Chinggis Khaan international airport Ulaanbaatar Hotel Ministry of mining and heavy industry, Erdenes Mongol Co., Ltd State Department store, Gobi cashmere store, Zaisan hill Ulaanbaatar Hotel
Day 7   07:00-08:00 Breakfast Departure Ulaanbaatar Hotel Chinggis Khaan international airport


Day 1

Arriving in Chinggis Khan International airport, Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia and accommodating in Mongolian historical Ulaanbaatar hotel with 4 stars. In the evening all of tour participator included Mongolian Ministerial level officers have a WELCOME dinner and traditional folk-art entertainment in Event hall of Ulaanbaatar hotel under the friendly and open minded atmosphere.

Day 2

The day will be hop up in the business environment. From BF till lunch time you will hear all of Mongolian Mining industry comprehensive understanding included Government authority, minister and top level Officers speech and the biggest size of investment projects presentation. Meanwhile you will participate some business forums and sharing your opinion about Mongolian Mining industry and perspective. After lunch, you can face-to-face meeting with your choose potential companies and creating yours wonderful collaboration’s start-up talking.       

Day 3

After BF, fly to Dalanzadgad of South Gobi. Approximately 1.5 hours flight will land in Mongolian legend Gobi nature. Tour group continue travel by Korean minibus to amazing Vulture Valley with glacier and Mongolian biggest sand dune- Khongor. 

Valture Valley

Drive to Yol Am/Vulture Valley/ – a wonderfully picturesque place with ice even in summer, and surrounded by sheer rocky walls, forming incredible canyons. These areas are situated in the Gobi Gurvan Saikhan National Park that encompasses the “Three Beauties” peaks and the most easterly points of the Altai Mountains. Overnight in tourist camp.

Mongolian largest sand dunes

After lunch, take a trip to Khongor sand dunes. The sand dunes change color with each hour of the day, from yellow to silver to rose-colored at (dawn/ sundown). On the way see to Dungene valley – a wonderfully picturesque place and surrounded by sheer rocky walls, forming incredible canyons. You will be riding on camel to explore the Khongor sand dunes. The two-humped Bactrian camels are very comfortable to ride as they walk slowly and gently, and you will be well supported by the humps, sitting comfortably in between them. Our camel guide will lead you safely through the sand dunes. Plus, you will have an opportunity to visit a camel herdsman family to experience their lifestyle, culture and traditions.

Overnight in tourist camp.

Day 4

This day visit around South Gobi’s bigger creation or both of Tawan tolgoi coal site and Energy resource coal sites. You will do eye-exploring and meet with camp managers.

Before Dinner travel to next soum – Tsogttsetsii.

Day 5

In morning have a BF/Tourist camp of Tsogttsetii soum/ After BF travel to Turquoise Hill/Oyu Tolgoi-OT/

copper, gold and coal site which is very famous not only in the Asia but also familiar in the world. You will introduce all of mineral processing activities and meet with camp managers and sharing opinions. After lunch travel again to OT site and visit deep mining process.  

Day 6

After have BF in Tourist camp, fly back to UB. Coming in your room in Ulaanbaatar hotel, we will continue travel to city around included some of Ministry and companies visiting. Meanwhile travel to  Gobi cashmere shop near the factory and State Department Store.

Dinner will be FAREWELL dinner included all of foreign and domestic mining companies and organizations representatives. We are sharing our travel opinions and after travel co-operation’s start-up activities.

Day 7

After BF in Ulaanbaatar hotel fly to Chinggis khan

International airport.

So long Ulaanbaatar…

Package price: 1950$

Price Includes:

• Service charge of MME

• Overnight in shared Twin room

• All transport during tour on air – conditioned vehicle as per itinerary (including airport pick up & see off)

• All in-tour stationed local English and Chinese speaking guide.

• Meals as indicated in the program

• All entrance fees as per itinerary

• 2 domestic flights Ulaanbaatar – Dalanzadgad, SouthGobi – Ulaanbaatar

• Travel Insurance

• Publishing materials

Agenda FORUM


08:00 Registration

09:00 Opening remarks

09:10 Welcome address – Mr. Sumyabazar, Minister of Mining and Heavy industry and Member of Mongolian


09:20 “National Policy on Mining Reclamation” – Mr.Kherlen, Chairman of Mineral Resources and Petroleum

              Authority of Mongolia      

09:40 “Oyutolgoi copper concentrates” – Mr. Munkhbat, Senior manager of Stakeholder Engagement of OT Co., Ltd

10:00 Tavantolgoi project presentation – Mr. Lkhagvasuren – Business Managing Director of Tawan tolgoi Co., Ltd

10:20 “High priority projects Erdenes Mongolia” – Mr. Tsogoo, Director of Business Planning Department

10:40 Coffee break

11:20 Good and pending investment projects presentation

11:40 “OT and procurement” – Mr. Berdkhan, Senior procurement officer of OT Co., Ltd

12:00 “Current state and prespective of Mongolian mining industry” – Mr. Erdenebat, Officer of Mining Policy

             Department of Ministry of Mining and Heavy Industry

12:20 Good and pending investment projects presentation

13:00 Lunch

14:00 Investor/guest/ company presentation

15:00 Business meeting, forum and round table discussion

17:00 Closing address – Mr. Naranbat, CEO of MME

18:00 Farewell Dinner/Entertainment

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