Khuvsgul lake to Gobi desert 11 days

Khuvsgul lake to Gobi desert 11 days

Day 1: Arrival day.

After tourists get to the hotel with **** stars, Ulaanbaatar city tour will be started. That day is a city tour day.

Capital city of Mongolia

Day 2: Ulaanbaatar-Khuvsgul province /by local airline/.

There is a competition between the tourists at Khuvsgul lake. This is jet competition with paintball guns. That competition will be so funny and interesting. Do not worry about safety. That’s okay. During the sunset, drinking some wine and burning fish on the shore. 

By boat
While sunset

Day 3: Visit tsaatan family.

The most unique culture of all Mongolian ethnicities is tsaatan ethnic. Get acquainted with their culture, life style and riding reindeer. When the night come, we will sleep at tsaatan hut. 

Riding a reindeer

Day 4: From the lake to Arkhangai province by bus.

Hiking and climbing to Khorgyn togoi /erupted volcano/ Observing beautiful view from the top. And there is also a beautiful river besides the volcano. Terkhyn tsagaan lake has a lot of stories. The accommodation of the day is ger camp.

Khorgyn volcano

Day 5: Taikhar rock, Tuvkhun monastery, Erdene zuu monastery are the attractions of the day.

For accommodation, It’s possible to choose either nomadic family or house camp.

Tuvkhun monastery

Day 6: One day in nomadic life. Relax day.

Day 7: A beautiful waterfall

After breakfast, we will go to Ulaan tsutgalan waterfall. That waterfall is the most unique and beautiful waterfall in Mongolia. Now, horse riding tour will be started. Enjoy with Mongolian nature. We won’t ride horses no longer than 12 kilometers. Stay over in tents.

Ulaan tsutgalan waterfall

Day 8-9: Enjoy Gobi desert

Getting in the car to go to Umnugobi. The attractions are Bayan zag, Khongoryn els and Yolyn am. Guess what? Just feel gobi desert riding camel and walking and visiting gobi family.

Khongoryn Els
Gurvan saikhan national park

Yolyn Am
Ice? in the gobi desert? Why?

Day 10: Fly back to Ulaanbaatar

Khanbogd, Umnugobi to Ulaanbaatar / by local airline /. Sauna and Massage at the hotel. Free and last day in Mongolia. Just do whatever you want.

Day 11: International departure

Tour price is 1320$ per person

Inclusions Exclusions
Guide Airfare
Breakfast Alcoholic beverage
Lunch Payment for shopping
Dinner Travel insurance
Accommodation /Hotel,Guesthouse,Homestay/  
Entrance tickets /Museums, parks etc/  
Car /with driver/  
Fuel, Patrol  
Domestic flight tickets  

Group size and price

2-4 pax   1320$
4-8 pax 1290$
8-12 pax 1240$

Tour season: June-October

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