Hustai national park


Khustai national park-Mini desert

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5 Days


  • Przewalski horses
  • Sand dunes
  • Horseback & Camelback riding
  • Erdene-Zuu monastery
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The tour that we’re able to discover the central Mongolia in a brief.

Day 1: The visit of the wild horses in Hustai and monastery “Gandan”.
In the morning you will be picked up by us and we start our tour with a visit to the main monastery “Gandan Tegchlen”. After the sightseeing, we continue our drive to Hustai National Park, where you can see wild horses and other animals. Here is the habitat for the Przewski horses, called Takhi in Mongolian. These extinct wild horses were again expelled in 1992. About 15 horses were brought over. Today there are over 400 horses in the national park. After having lunch in Ger-camp, we drive a bit into the national park to look at the horses. We’ll have Mongolian traditional dinner and stay overnight in Ger-camp.

Day 2: The semi-desert area “Elsen Tasarkhai”.
After the breakfast, we make our way to the magnificent rock formation of “Khugnu Khan” nature reserve. Here we discover the semi-desert steppe. Breathtakingly beautiful granite rock mountains and 80km long sand dune are characteristic for this dry area with the nickname “mini gobi”. We’ll take a ride on camelback for a while and explore the area in talking. In the afternoon we walk to the monastery “Erdene   Khamba”, where in the 17th century on the southern slope of mountain “Khugnu Khan” was built. We’ll have a dinner around fire and enjoy star in the sky. Overnight in a ger.

Day 3: The trek to the monastery “Tuvkhun” and waterfall “Ulaan Tsutgalan”.
After breakfast we continue our journey towards the monastery “Tuvkhun”. The path to the monastery is alternately diverse. The first part is continued by car, on foot about 5 km to the monastery. It is a meditation monastery where the Budhist head of Mongolia Zanabazar invented his Soyombo script. From there you have a wonderful panoramic view over the mountain range “Khangai”. We continue our journey and in the afternoon we reach the waterfall “Ulaan Tsutgalan”. It’s magical to see that the waterfall turns a rainbow into sunlight. Afterwards we arrive in our ger camp and finish the day.
Day 4: The former capital “Kharakhorum”.
After breakfast we drive in the direction of “Kharakhorum”. It was founded in the year 1220 by Genghis Khaan and developed under the reign of his son to the first capital of the Mongol Empire. As a result of several attacks of the Chinese, it was completely destroyed in 1388. Later they served as building material for the construction of the Buddhist monastery “Erdene Zuu”, which started in the 17th century on the ruins of “Kharakhorum”. We’ll ride a horse for a while and have a lunch in the ancient city.

Day 5: Return to Ulaanbaatar.
Our last day of travel we return to Ulaanbaatar. In the afternoon we are in Ulaanbaatar. We can do some shopping after or before farewell dinner.

Day 6: The flight home.
After breakfast transfer to the airport. The time to say “goodbye” and “good home trip”.



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