Gobi & Uvurhangai and Arkhangai tour

Gobi & Uvurhangai and Arkhangai tour

Day 1 Arrive in Ulaanbaatar and then city tour around Ulaanbaatar. /Musiems, Gandan monastery, Zaisan complex, Chinggis Khaan complex, **** hotel/
Day 2 Baga gazariin chuluu / Zorgol khairkhan mountain, the night in front of fireplace with so much stars/ 
Day 3 Tsagaan suvarga/Tsagaan Suvarga White Stupa – don’t be afraid to walk down the cliff & hike around. They are not as dangerous as they look./
Day 4 Yoliin am / Just feel it. We promise that it’s amazing./
Day 5 Khongoriin els / Camel ridding, look the sunset moment/
Day 6  Tuvkhun monastery / Buddism culture, beautiful nature/
Day 7  Ancient capital city Kharkhorum / Erdene-Zuu monastery/ and Ulaan tsutgalan waterfall 
Day 8 Khorgiin togoo and Terhiin tsagaan lake / Horse riding/
Dat 9 Go to Ulaanbaatar / Sauna & Massage, **** hotel/
Day 10 International departure


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